Planning our beautiful garden in spring we have to think about it in autumn. Late September until ground freezes it’s the time to plant spring bulbs. Tulips, Daffodils, Narcissus, Crocuses, Alliums, Muscari, and other bulbs, they must be planted in the fall us they require cold temperatures to spark their growth process. In Ireland this can be achieved by planting them between September and November.

When selecting bulbs we should look out for good quality bulbs. They should be firm and full, dry or soft bulbs may not be healthy, and often this will be a sign of fungal disease .Also if they feels light it’s possible that they are dry inside. Avoid any physically damaged or diseased bulbs. Look at their outer skin us they are quite important in preventing dehydration and damage.

Soon after you purchase the bulbs they should be planted. They need to establish root system, before the winter frosts set in.

Bulbs do well in shade and sun, but avoid south exposure and very hot spots. In the spring soil there can be too warm too early; bulbs may emerge only to be damaged by freezing weather. Mulches insulate and keep the ground from warming up too quickly in the spring. Mulches also conserve moisture and prevent excessive weed growth.

Bulbs should be planted at a depth that is 3 times their height. For example, if a daffodil bulb is approximately 2 inches tall, dig a hole 6 inches deep. And remember that if you plan to add mulch, Bulbs require a well-drained soil. Bulbs planted in poorly-drained soil are likely to rot or develop botrytis blight.