Tree Care

Setanta Tree Care

Setanta Tree Care operate to the highest Health, Safety and Arboriculture standards and are approved and audited on a regular basis by the Arboricultural Association (UK).  All our tree surgeons are fully trained Tree Care professionals.

Our Tree Care team is led by Neil Motherway, a Tree Surgeon specialist with 20 years experience, supported by Mirka Kelly a qualified Arboriculture Consultant. They have the expertise to advise you on the best tree care options. 

We provide no obligation advice and quotations on your requirements.


Tree Surgery Activities

We can advise you on the best course action for your trees.

Crown thinning (reduction)

Crown thinning or crown reduction removes some of the tree's branches and other growth so that more light reaches the tree's interior and ground below, allows more air to flow through the branches, and reduces the tree's upper weight.

Crown Raising (canopy lifting)

Crown raising, crown lifting, or canopy lifting, by contrast, removes some of the lowest branches of a tree. This increases the apparent height of the tree's crown above ground level and may also stimulate tree growth.


Pollarding may be done to produce a more formal or standard appearance, to make rows or groups of trees look nearly identical (as in an office tree landscape), or to limit the size of large-growing trees.


Deadwooding should be done periodically to remove dead or diseased tree branches which may also be broken or weakly attached.  This is especially important where tree public safety or liability is an issue, especially public roads, parks, and gardens.

Overhaul & Regular Maintenance

A general tree pruning, tree trimming, tree shaping or tree cutting will improve the tree's health, safety and appearance even if none of the issues above are identified. 

Tree Felling

When tree health measures and bracing & cabling are not enough, Setanta will quickly and painlessly remove your leaning, dead, diseased or dangerous trees.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be very difficult to remove and Setanta carries special stump grinding equipment in all such cases, with technicians specially trained to operate such equipment for a quick and complete stump removal.

Site Clearance & Wood Chipping

Where required we will chip, shred all haul away all timber, branches and hedges from your site leaving the area as we found it.   All green waste is disposed of in a Green Waste recycling centre.

Other Services

We can also provide the following services:

  • Tree Planting and Transplanting
  • Tree Bracing (Cabling)
  • Tree Replacement
We asked Setanta Tree Care to call to one of the developments we managed to submit a report on some large trees that were causing some concern. Neil called out to asses the trees and submitted his report which included 3 different options. The work was completed this week and the residents are absolutely delighted with the service and attention to detail that Setanta Tree care provided. One resident called me to say that the end result was a ‘piece of ‘art’ !!The owners of the neighbouring properties also contacted me to commend the fantastic job undertaken.
We are all absolutely delighted with Setanta Tree care and I highly recommend them!
— Louise Somers Manager of Principle Property Management.

Stump Grinding

Fully Insured

We are fully insured for all Tree Care and Landscaping activities.  This includes Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

Arboricultural Association

Arboricultural Association (UK)

Founded in 1964, the Arboricultural Association is the largest membership organisation in the UK representing amenity tree care. It exists to promote urban trees and the professionalism of all those who care for them.

In 2011, Setanta Tree Care became the first Irish owned company to be awarded the Arboriculture Association (U.K) Approved Contractor Status.

Tree Surveys

Tree Surveys

Our associated company Tree Surveys ( is a professional services firm offering the following services:

Tree Surveys

A professional appraisal of Trees on a site, identifying species, dimensions, location, structural condition, physical health and Tree management & retention recommendations.

Arboricultural Impact Studies (AIS)

An Arboricultural Impact Study (AIS) considers how a proposed development and its associated trees will co-exist and interact in the present and future.

Landscape Architecture

A full Landscape Architectural Design service is available in-house.